forever inspired by poetic images, colorful words, and cinematic melodies. Exploring my infinite fascination with the blur between senses, the play between the worlds of dark and light, with fairytales, rhythm and haunting lore.
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Les chats et les pamplemousse. My art for belated  Christmas gifts
Trust your heart…. Studio with Mr. Fox
Lovely artiste I’ve been passing in my way to lessons everyday #brilliantsculptures
Missing India
Sleepy puppy, long day crafting mandolins haha
Happy #Diwali ! Festival of Lights…. So many memories of lighting little fires, setting them down in the holy Ganges and watching them drift off slowly. Be the light!
Making birds!
Happy harvest, happy samhain, happy Halloween! I’m playing 8-10 at bistro 19 tonight! Let us wander into the night